Verdicts and Settlements

Injury & Accident Attorney Serving Nearby Areas of Columbus & Fort Benning, Georgia and Phenix City, Alabama

Automobile Collisions and Wrecks

$3,500,000.00 - N.L. v. Corporate Driver

A bicyclist was struck off the road on the bike path after a driver working as a company investigator took his eyes off the road. The injuries included multiple broken bones and nerve damage with multiple surgeries. Payment was made without the need for trial.

$2,025,000.00 - C.L. v. Individual and UM

Alabama driver rear-ended career plant manager resulting in multiple spinal surgeries. Knowing of helpful venue rules, a lawsuit was filed in Georgia that confirmed that the insurer initially disclosed less coverage than existed. The case was resolved without the need for trial.


$115,000.00 - T.S. v. Corporations

Federal government employee injured on post at Fort Benning. Injury occurred when improperly stacked and wrapped product fell from a pallet, injuring client’s shoulder. Client underwent rotator cuff surgery. Gary O. Bruce, P.C. filed suit against the entity that wrapped and packaged the pallets, and against the shipper of the goods. Liability was denied prior to suit. Gary O. Bruce, P.C. litigated the case in federal court and recovered $115,000.

$90,000.00 - S.H. v. Government

A government employee caused a disabled man to fall and undergo back surgery. The government denied any responsibility but paid after extended litigation.

Premises Liability

$250,000.00 - B.W. v. Food Management Service

Delivery man carrying products fell on foreign substance left on ground by employees that failed to follow procedure, escort him, and clear path for the delivery. The fall resulted in surgery.

$115,000.00 - S.C. v. Grocery Store

A woman fell in a foreign substance while shopping for her business.

Truck Wrecks

$425,000.00 - Married Couple v. Tractor Trailer

After retiring from the U.S. Army only a few weeks before a wreck, a man and his wife were struck from behind by a log truck in Alabama.  He had to undergo surgery and a lawsuit was filed in Georgia over the insurance companies objections.  The company ultimately paid allowing the couple to move forward with retirement.

$200,000.00 - L.T. v. Wrecker Service

Older woman underwent back surgery after corporate driver ran a red light in East Alabama.