Verdicts and Settlements – Truck Wrecks

Injury & Accident Attorney Serving Nearby Areas of Columbus & Ft Moore (formerly Ft Benning), Georgia and Phenix City, Alabama

$1,070,000.00 - TG F v. Trucking Company

The policy limits were paid to the client who was struck by an 18 Wheeler. 

$1,050,000.00 - GM v Retail Store

The client was working when he was struck by the owner of a retail business driving a large truck. This was resolved before a suit was filed for the policy limits.

$425,000.00 - Married Couple v. Tractor Trailer

After retiring from the U.S. Army only a few weeks before a wreck, a man and his wife were struck from behind by a log truck in Alabama.  He had to undergo surgery and a lawsuit was filed in Georgia over the insurance companies objections.  The company ultimately paid allowing the couple to move forward with retirement.

$200,000.00 - L.T. v. Wrecker Service

Older woman underwent back surgery after corporate driver ran a red light in East Alabama.

$150,000.00 - A.H. v. Tractor Trailer

Physician recommended surgery due to impact caused by northern driver. Insurer denied liability forcing lawsuit.

$76,000.00 - B.G. v. Individual and UM

A young girl in Alabama was struck by a U-Haul knocking her teeth out. A settlement was quickly reached for her before she relocated to Florida.