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Suing Your Own Insurance Company? Our Attorneys Can Help

When you purchased insurance, you did so with the knowledge that you would be required to pay premiums to your insurance company. Whether you did this every month, every six months or on another schedule, you felt you were paying for peace of mind. You had a very reasonable expectation that your insurance company would provide you with the coverage you purchased and agreed upon.

Are you now involved in a dispute regarding an insurance claim? Let the good guys from the Law Offices of Gary Bruce in Columbus, Georgia, step in and protect your rights.

Is your insurance company acting in bad faith by denying or delaying your claim? Our law firm offers complimentary in-office and off-site case evaluations to discuss this matter. In this meeting, one of our bad faith insurance attorneys will evaluate your case and discuss your options moving forward. Schedule your free initial consultation by calling 706-596-1446.

Put Our Experienced Attorneys on Your Side

Our firm represents clients in southwestern Georgia in all types of disputed claims, including:

  • Homeowners insurance claims following a slip-and-fall injury, dog bite injury, incident causing fire damage or water damage or any other matter covered under your homeowners insurance policy.
  • Car insurance claims following a car accident, motorcycle accident, hit-and-run accident, pedestrian or bicycle accident or any other automobile accident. We can protect your rights.
  • Life insurance and accidental death benefit claims following the loss of a loved one who was covered under the life insurance policy, accidental death policy or another death benefit policy. We are supportive of your needs while we work to hold the insurance company to its obligations.

Our bad faith insurance attorneys know that insurance companies hire adjusters and their own lawyers to find ways to delay claims, devalue claims and discourage people from seeking fair resolutions to their problems. We also know that it is often necessary to hire an experienced attorney to file a lawsuit, anticipate the tactics of the defense and prepare to try the case in court whenever necessary.

Our backgrounds as trial lawyers and former insurance defense lawyers provide us insight into these tactics. We respond aggressively and skillfully on behalf of our clients when going up against insurance companies in bad faith insurance disputes.

How Do I Know if My Insurance Company Acted in Bad Faith?

If you are being treated unfairly by your insurance company, it is likely that the insurance company is acting in bad faith. Examples of bad faith insurance practices include:

  • Unnecessarily denying your claim
  • Unnecessarily delaying your claim
  • Requesting unnecessary information to process your claim
  • Offering compensation for far less than what you deserve

As an insured, you are entitled to compensation for property damage to your home or vehicle, medical bills, lost wages and other losses. Our firm can ensure you receive the compensation you are rightfully owed in accordance with your insurance policy following a car accident or other hardship.

Delayed or Denied Claim? Contact Our Bad Faith Insurance Attorneys

“If an insurance company doesn’t act in good faith, there are some penalties that can be levied against the insurance carrier for not doing what they’re supposed to do.” – Gary Bruce

Whether through settlement or litigation, we protect your rights in disputes with the insurance companies. Contact our bad faith insurance lawyers today to schedule your free initial consultation at 706-786-4379.

The Law Offices of Gary Bruce is located across from the Government Center in downtown Columbus. We serve military families and other clients in southwest Georgia and other areas. Weekend and evening appointments can be scheduled upon request.