Verdicts and Settlements – Miscellaneous

Injury & Accident Attorney Serving Nearby Areas of Columbus & Ft Moore (formerly Ft Benning), Georgia and Phenix City, Alabama

$1,000,000.00 - GM v. Bar

The client was injured when struck by a drunk driver who was over-served in an Atlanta bar. Insurance was limited for the driver who caused the wreck, but the bar was held accountable under DRAM SHOP law.

$250,000.00 - D.W. v. Ind. and UM Carrier

An elderly man suffered aggravations of multiple underlying conditions which required surgery. 

$200,000.00 - W. B. v. Ind.

A man suffered aggravation of pre-existing spinal injuries which required escalation to his ongoing pain management. (GA)

$125,000.00 - H.R. v. Ind. and UM Carrier

Man required shoulder surgery where insurer’s initially denied any injury and forced lawsuit. (AL)

$125,000.00 - J.B. v. Ind. and UM Carrier

125k PL recovered for EMT.

$115,000.00 - T.S. v. Corporations

Federal government employee injured on post at Ft Moore (formerly Ft Benning). Injury occurred when improperly stacked and wrapped product fell from a pallet, injuring client’s shoulder. Client underwent rotator cuff surgery. Gary O. Bruce, P.C. filed suit against the entity that wrapped and packaged the pallets, and against the shipper of the goods. Liability was denied prior to suit. Gary O. Bruce, P.C. litigated the case in federal court and recovered $115,000.

$115,000.00 - H.F.C. v. Ind. and UM Carrier

Recovery for Military Captain requiring surgery.

$90,000.00 - S.H. v. Government

A government employee caused a disabled man to fall and undergo back surgery. The government denied any responsibility but paid after extended litigation.

$75,000.00 - P.P. v. Ind. and UM Carrier

A gentlemen whose prior lawyer refused to call him back or discuss how an injury claim works for first six months of his case. (GA)

$40,000.00 - D. R. v. Corporate Defendant

Recovered $40,000 (over 10x the medical bills) after a rotten fuel pump burst and sprayed gasoline into our client’s eyes, causing second-degree burns.