Verdicts and Settlements – Automobile Collisions And Wrecks

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$3,500,000.00 - N.L. v. Corporate Driver

A bicyclist was struck off the road on the bike path after a driver working as a company investigator took his eyes off the road. The injuries included multiple broken bones and nerve damage with multiple surgeries. Payment was made without the need for trial.

$2,025,000.00 - C.L. v. Individual and UM

Alabama driver rear-ended career plant manager resulting in multiple spinal surgeries. Knowing of helpful venue rules, a lawsuit was filed in Georgia that confirmed that the insurer initially disclosed less coverage than existed. The case was resolved without the need for trial.

$530,000.00 - HE v. BH

The client, a pedestrian, was injured when struck in a parking lot. Video of the incident was obtained early in the case which proved responsibility. The case was resolved after a lawsuit.

$500,000.00 - BMJ v. Retail Business

The clients injury resulted from a motor vehicle collision.  The client fired the other firm when they didn’t help him with medical expenses. Ultimately, the client had surgery to correct spinal issues despite delays in treatment due to COVID.

$500,000.00 - D.J. v. Ind.

Military Veteran suffered a fractured leg due to a collision with a driver on the wrong side of the road. The investigation uncovered an additional insurance policy not disclosed by Allstate providing higher insurance coverage to an estate. (GA)

$350,000.00 - F.D. v. Ind. and UM Carrier

Elderly woman suffered a broken arm when involved in her third wreck in 10 years. (GA)

$350,000.00 - W.G. v. Wrecker Service

Man was rear-ended while on the interstate and underwent knee and shoulder surgery. After a lawsuit was filed, defendants sought to have private meetings with the man’s doctors but was prevented after argument and order of the judge.

$325,000.00 - J.F. v. Individual and UM

2016 car wreck in Peach County Georgia. Client was rear-ended in his work vehicle. He waited more than 5 weeks before seeking medical care. Surgery was required. Client incurred more than $60,000 in medical bills. After a tender of the $50,000 liability limits by the negligent driver, clients own insurer, Safeway, denied the claim outright, and offered no money in response to a demand. The case settled with Safeway paying 3 layers of underinsured motorist coverage, for a total recovery of $325,000 without the necessity of trial.

$300,000.00 - J.W. v. Individual and UM

Active duty soldier sustained permanent, career-ending injuries in a head-on collision, including a crush injury to the foot/ankle. At-fault driver only had $100,000 in liability coverage. Client’s own insurance carrier denied the existence of any un/underinsured motorist coverage and refused to participate in the litigation. Ultimately proved that the client’s insurer was knowingly and improperly applying the laws of the wrong state, creating (and recovering) another $200,000 in additional coverage for our client. Total recovery of $300,000.

$275,000.00 - Minor Child v. EP

A minor was injured in a motor vehicle collision. The minor was first represented by a lawyer who was also representing the driver of the car she was in. Once we were involved, it was learned that the driver of her vehicle was responsible for the wreck.  The matter was resolved for policy limits after a full investigation.

$272,500.00 - Family v. Individual and UM

In Alabama, a family of five was struck by a driver fleeing police who was later arrested. The children and father recovered over time; however, the mother suffered permanent headaches and nerve symptoms.

$250,000.00 - M.B. v. Ind. and UM Carrier

A disabled man was struck as a pedestrian in the crosswalk suffering a head injury. We were able to help his family obtain a guardianship to assist with his future needs as well.

$215,000.00 - Family v. Individual

DUI driver caused a wreck injuring three family members. Fortunately, no broken bones or surgeries were caused.

$200,000.00 - M.J. v. Individual

A man trying to pull into his driveway was struck by a DUI driver.The insurer refused coverage to the drunk driver, offered less than the medical expenses and hired a doctor from Atlanta to say the hurt man’s shoulder surgery was not from the wreck. Ultimately, they paid the demand in order to avoid trial.

$200,000.00 - V.G. v. Ind. and UM Carrier

Military Veteran with aggravated rotator cuff requiring shoulder surgery complicated by a 2nd wreck. (GA)

$200,000.00 - S. B. V. v. Individual and UM

Recovered policy limits of $200,000 after young client was forced to undergo neck surgery due to injuries sustained in the wreck.

$200,000.00 - Minor v. Individual and UM

Minor suffered broken arm and leg in motorcycle wreck. After payment of the responsible driver’s policy limits, the minor’s own UM company refused any payment and even attempted to have his case dismissed. After we obtained a positive ruling from the judge, the UM insurer immediately paid its limits.

$183,000.00 - M.S. v. Individual and UM

A captain in the U.S. Army was struck in a wreck and underwent surgery resulting in the end of his military career. Additional coverage was found through his household for his lost employment, and all coverage was paid without a lawsuit. A steep reduction in the amounts owed for his medical care was also obtained.

$175,000.00 - R. P. v. Individual

Policy limits of $175,000 recovered after client sustained back and neck injuries and was told he needed surgery. Case resolved before any surgery took place.

$175,000.00 - J.L. v. Individual and UM

Young woman suffering from pelvic dysfunction from wreck was being forced by her own insurer to do an examination under oath. She came to us about the abusive insurer conduct resulting in all insurer tendering their limits.

$150,000.00 - Motorcycle Passenger v. Car Owner

The client had called another law firm and was told motorcycle cases are hard to collect, then told the client to try to handle the case on her own. The claim was denied and she proceeded to called our office. 

$150,000.00 - DM v. RB

A horse escaped from its enclosure due to the failure to secure the gate and caused a collision outside the farm.  The car was totaled in the collision and our client suffered injuries as a result.

$150,000.00 - F.B. v. Individual and UM

A woman was struck and required pain management with treatment applied under anesthesia. All coverage was paid without the need for a lawsuit.

$150,000.00 - R.L. v. Individual

An Alabama wreck resulted in back surgery and payment of all coverage without the need for a lawsuit.

$140,000.00 - BCJ v.  Individual Defendant and Liability Insurer

Client injured in minor damage 2015 car wreck in Muscogee County. Client received a surgical recommendation for a cervical fusion. Gary O. Bruce, P.C. sent a policy limits demand for the minimum limits of $25,000. Insurer offered $9,000. In response to that offer, Gary O. Bruce, P.C. immediately filed suit. Client underwent the proposed fusion surgery. After party depositions and deposition of doctor, case resolved for $140,000 at mediation, more than 15 times the amount of the initial offer, and more than 5 times the limits of coverage, without the necessity of trial on bad faith.

$130,000.00 - B.C. v. Individual and UM

Wreck resulted in back surgery. Injured man’s own insurer denied any payment resulting in lawsuit. After filing suit, UM insurer paid policy limits without trial.

$125,000.00 - J.W. v. Individual and UM

Multiple fractures resulted in all coverage being paid without the need for a lawsuit.

$125,000.00 - T.C. v. Individual and UM

Alabama wreck resulted in a fractured leg. The insurer initially tried to escape responsibility citing the Guest-Passenger Statute, but failed after argument resulting in the coverage being paid.

$125,000.00 - W.F. v. Individual

2015 wreck on Cusseta Road in Columbus where she was rear-ended by a negligent driver. There was very little damage to the vehicles involved in the wreck. Client went into treatment with a physical therapist and pain manager. Eventually needed surgery. Gary O. Bruce, P.C. made a demand for the $50,000 policy limits of the rear-ending driver, insured by Progressive. Progressive’s first and only offer was for $6,750. Gary O. Bruce, P.C. filed suit. . Her physician testified that the need for Ms. F’s surgery was the car wreck, which had been called “slight” by Progressive Each carrier paid its policy limits for a total of $125,000, all available insurance coverage.

$125,000.00 - Siblings v. Individual

Alabama wreck that the insurer refused any payment or to acknowledge the appropriate law. Lawsuit was filed in Georgia and motion to dismiss was defeated after which payment was prompt.

$115,000.00 - R.H. v. Ind.

A gentlemen suffered aggravation of a prior spinal injury which required surgery after he was struck in a WalMart parking lot. No police were called to the scene. (AL)

$100,000.00 - R. B. v. Individual and UM

2016, client was rear-ended at high speed in Columbus on I-185. Required Surgery in her back. Defendant had the state minimum insurance coverage of $25,000. Ms. B’s medical bills were more than $170,000. Client had UM coverage with Allstate. After collecting $75,000 in coverage, Gary O. Bruce P.C. filed suit to challenge Allstate’s denial of coverage under Ms. B’s brother’s policy. Allstate tendered its $25,000 in coverage.

$100,000.00 - K.S. v. Individual

Elderly woman suffered vertebra fracture. No lawsuit necessary.

$100,000.00 - M. J. v. Individual

Client underwent physical therapy after a wreck caused by a drunk driver. The claim for punitive damages, in addition to client’s medical bills and pain and suffering, led to payment of the policy limits of $100,000.

$90,000.00 - Siblings v. Individual/Insurer

Liability insurer failed to pay insurance limits for siblings with broken ribs. After litigation, the insurer paid roughly triple the insurance limits without a trial.

$90,000.00 - J.D. v. Individual

Hit and run resulting in ongoing back pain. Insurer denied payment because defendant denied ever striking vehicle, but paid after litigation.

$87,500.00 - T.C. v. Multiple Individuals

Woman was injured in two separate wrecks close in time resulting in the insurers each pointing the finger at one another. Ultimately, through two lawsuits, both insurers paid.

$80,000.00 - TB v MW

A wreck caused aggravation of pre-existing conditions to flare up , resulting in impact on activities of daily living. Treatment was limited due to inability to resolve it medically.

$80,000.00 - T.E. v. Individual and UM

This case involved a significant wreck in Columbus in which a young soldier sustained a serious shoulder injury. The soldier had only $6,500 in medical bills, but had been told by his orthopedic surgeon that he would need a significant shoulder surgery that may have ended his career. Without the necessity of a lawsuit, Gary O. Bruce, P.C. recovered $25,000 in liability coverage, and $55,000 in underinsured motorist coverage.

$75,000.00 - S.R. v. Individual and UM

A hit and run driver was held accountable for the full extent of insurance coverage.

$75,000.00 - B.R. v. Individual and UM

Small boy was struck on his bicycle and put at fault by officers in Alabama. However, the insurance limits were paid without the need for a lawsuit.

$75,000.00 - Minor v. Individual and UM

Small boy was struck on his bicycle and put at fault by officers in Alabama. However, the insurance limits were paid without the need for a lawsuit.

$75,000.00 - R.J v. Drunk Driver

Victim of 3x DUI driver which required chiropractic care only.

$75,000.00 - S.S. v. Corporate Driver

An older woman was initially blamed for the wreck by the other driver, claiming she was drunk due to her slurred speech from the concussion suffered in the wreck. A lawsuit was filed and testimony obtained from her neurologist confirming her head injury leading to the payment without a need for trial.

$75,000.00 - T.T.P v. Drunk Driver and UM Carrier

A woman was struck by a DUI driver requiring extensive physical therapy, after defeating her own insurance companies motion to dismiss her case. (AL)

$70,000.00 - B. B. v. Individual and Company

Although client had minor injuries and less than $2,500 in medical bills, recovered $70,000 after it was discovered that the at-fault driver was DUI and on the job for a national corporation at the time of the wreck.

$60,000.00 - Minor v. Individual, John Doe, and UM

A small child was in a wreck where both drivers were racing and fled. Only one policy of insurance existed which our office was able to successfully get both the liability and UM coverage to pay.

$60,000.00 - M.E. v. Individual

Woman fractured her tailbone in the wreck. An additional policy was found allowing her to recover more.

$60,000.00 - L.W. v. Individual

Insurer denied responsibility for hit and run driver for Alabama wreck relying on negative Alabama law, but paid after suit was filed in Georgia based on our knowledge of venue laws.

$60,000.00 - W.R. v. Individual and UM

Man suffered vertebral fracture but did not require surgery.

$50,000.00 - V.B. and A. H. v. Individual

Mother and her young son were struck by a drunk driver in Columbus.Using Georgia law, Gary O. Bruce, P.C. obtained a $50,000 recovery for the mother who incurred just $6,400 in medical bills.The firm recovered $25,000 for the minor child, who had only $900 in medical bills.

$45,000.00 - M.C. v. Individual/Insurer

Judgment was obtained against a reckless driver in Georgia after his insurance company failed to pay its policy limits. After a second lawsuit involving the insurer directly, the company was forced to pay above its coverage.

$13,000.00 - D.S. v. Individual

Soldier injured by drunk driver who fled scene. Shoulder incurred only $77 in medical bills. Gary O. Bruce, P.C. Personal injury suit settled for $13,000, or over 168 times the special damages in the case. Gary O. Bruce, P.C. also pursued punitive damages for the property damage to soldier’s car, received payment of $10,000, even after client had already been paid for car by his own insurer.

$0.00 - C.R. v. Individual and UM

Active duty military was struck while on his motorcycle requiring knee surgery. Additional coverage was found through careful investigation of the policies, and all funds were paid without litigation.