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Every day, we use different products in our lives that we expect will not be dangerous. Unfortunately, however, many people have been injured because of unsafe products. Defective products that simply don’t work correctly can be returned or exchanged, but if a defective product causes injury, you need an experienced lawyer to help you hold the manufacturer responsible.

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Types of Defective Products

There are three main categories of defective product:

  • Manufacturing Defect: These defects occur during the manufacturing process, and often only affect a few products out of a batch. If you buy a new bicycle but discover that the brakes are faulty, this might be a manufacturing defect.
  • Design Defect: A design defect is an inherent flaw in a product that affects the product’s safety. If you buy a new bicycle and then later a recall notice is issued because a flaw in the design of the brakes was discovered, this is a design defect. Class action lawsuits are common in cases of design defects, due to the sheer amount of people who are affected.
  • Marketing Defect: This type of defect does not actually have to do with marketing in the traditional sense. Instead, it occurs when a product does not sufficiently warn of a danger that is not obvious to a reasonable person. For instance, if a medicine you buy has a known reaction to a different medicine, this should be written somewhere in the packaging so that you know not to mix those two medicines.

Common types of products that often suffer manufacturing defects or are recalled due to design defects include:

  • Baby products, such as car seats or strollers
  • Cars, such as certain models that have faulty airbags
  • Food and drink, often due to contamination issues with bacteria or harmful materials
  • Medicines, often due to unlisted, serious side effects

Product defects can cause major injury and impact your quality of life, so it is important to contact us as soon as possible if you were a victim of a defective product.

When to Call a Lawyer for a Defective Product Injury

If you were only mildly inconvenienced by a product not working the way it should, you probably do not need a lawyer. Minor injuries, such as a papercut or a bruise, are also not usually serious enough to warrant calling a lawyer. Finally, if your injuries were caused by your own actions and not a direct result of a defective product, you may not have a strong case.

On the other hand, you should absolutely call a defective product lawyer if:

  • You were severely injured due to a defective product
  • You can prove your injuries were caused by a defective product
  • You were injured in a way that could have been prevented if you’d had proper written warning

If you are not sure whether or not you have a strong defective product case, we recommend giving our product liability lawyers a call anyway. Consultations are free, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting a professional legal opinion.

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