WTVM Legal Break – Driving Someone Else’s Vehicle

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Gary Bruce discusses whether insurance provides coverage for the liability of automobile owners when a wreck occurs while driving someone else’s vehicle. The law governing this situation focuses on whether the driver was a permissive user. Another basis for liability depends on whether the owner might be personally responsible for the wreck. This would occur if a third party is asked to run an errand for the benefit of the owner. In this situation, the owner might be found liable and his or her insurance policy should cover a resulting wreck.

Personal responsibility for a wreck can also arise even if the owner is not driving if he or she negligently entrusts their vehicle to someone known to be dangerous or a danger to others. For example, if an owner lends his vehicle to someone who does not have a driver’s license or someone known to be or likely to be intoxicated, liability for any resulting wreck can be argued because the owner had reason to know that a wreck would likely result.

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