Meet Elsie and Stella

If you’ve seen our commercials, then you’re already familiar with Elsie, Gary’s loyal friend and unofficial law firm mascot. Stella is a newer addition to the Gary Bruce family, but she’s no less impressive than her older sister.

Elsie and Stella both belong to the same breed—French Brittany.

The history of this breed dates back to a time when English hunters came to France and left their dogs behind. English bird dogs bred with local dogs, creating a spectacular breed used for hunting by the locals in Brittany.

The dogs were kept because of their ability to locate upland birds, particularly woodcocks, which migrate to France each fall.

The breed was brought to North America in the early 20th century. They have been bred to setters and others here in the states and, for that reason, the American Brittany is a bigger dog.

American Brittanys do not allow the “tri-color” markings of the French dog, because they can be difficult to see in the field.

Fred Overby—local attorney and Gary’s colleague—is one of the world’s leading experts on this breed. He believes Stella is a fine specimen of French Brittany and has high expectations of her. Though Elsie didn’t initially share Fred’s enthusiasm for Stella, she continues to warm up to her little sister.

Elsie and Stella, true to their breed, are special because of their gentle temperaments, their ability to be house pets, and their skills as bird dogs. Most dogs struggle to be proficient working dogs AND family members, so Gary’s fortunate to have both in Elsie and Stella.