There are a lot of personal injury law firms out there willing to take your case, but that definitely doesn’t mean they all offer the same level of service! Some lawyers are more reputable than others. And sometimes, you may need to consider firing your current lawyer and hiring a new one not because they are a bad lawyer, but simply because they are not the right fit for you or your case.

If any of the below sounds familiar about your interactions with your lawyer, it may be an indicator that you should consider taking your claim to a different firm.

  1. Lack of communication: Is your lawyer dodging your calls or not answering your emails? Or even worse, failing to keep appointments? In a best-case scenario, this may be because your lawyer is overloaded with other cases rather than deliberately ignoring you, but that’s still no excuse for dropping the ball on your claim. Your lawyer should not only respond to your questions and requests promptly, but they should be providing you with regular updates so that you don’t have to reach out first.
  2. No experience with your type of case: A lawyer could be very good at what they do, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be very good at everything having to do with the law. Most lawyers choose to specialize because the legal field is so complex, so the lawyer who helped you get out of a traffic ticket may not be the best choice for handling your car accident case.
  3. Promising a successful outcome: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We will always fight tooth and nail for you to get the money you deserve after an accident that wasn’t your fault, and we have plenty of experience and skill on our side. However, we can’t guarantee that you will win your case. Anyone who tells you that they can isn’t being honest.
  4. Pushing you to accept an outcome you don’t want: First and foremost, your lawyer should be helping you get the most desirable outcome for you, not for themselves. Some lawyers may push clients to accept an early offer from the insurance company, even if it’s not enough to cover the victims’ bills, simply to wrap up as many cases in as little time as possible.
  5. Willing to lie or asking you to lie: Any lawyer who asks you to lie about the severity of your injuries or how they happened gives reputable lawyers a bad name. Worse, if you go along with it and are discovered, you could be convicted of insurance fraud!
  6. Lack of reviews: Reviews and testimonials are a normal and common way to judge the quality of a lawyer. If a lawyer doesn’t have any reviews from previous clients talking about how they were happy with their services, it may be an indicator that they are either inexperienced or provide bad client service.
  7. A dirty, cluttered office:  If your lawyer can’t keep their office organized, it may be a sign that they will have a difficult time keeping track of the deadlines, paperwork, and other tasks related to your claim. Sloppy people do sloppy legal work.
  8. Unable to talk about recent victories: If your lawyer’s biggest claim to fame is a case they won 10 years ago, but they haven’t done much of anything since, it could be a sign they haven’t been keeping up with the latest laws and strategies, and aren’t prepared to take your case to victory either.
  9. Unclear billing: Most personal injury lawyers work on contingency, meaning that their fee is based on your settlement (and if you don’t receive a settlement, you don’t pay a lawyer fee). But if your lawyer expects payment upfront, asks to be paid in cash, or asks for money for services you weren’t aware you’d be charged for, there may be something fishy going on.
  10. A bad attitude: One of the top qualities a personal injury lawyer needs is empathy. It’s not just about good customer service either. It can affect the outcome of your claim! If your lawyer doesn’t have compassion for how your injury has disrupted your life, they can’t accurately calculate your damages for pain and suffering.

Do You Need a New Personal Injury Lawyer?

At the Law Offices of Gary Bruce, we know how stressful pursuing a personal injury claim can be. And if you’ve already hired a lawyer, you may be tempted to just push through, even if you haven’t been getting the customer service you know you deserve. But you shouldn’t let a bad lawyer jeopardize your chance to get the compensation you need after a serious injury!

Whether you’ve already hired a lawyer but now want to use a new firm, or are still shopping around for a lawyer to file your claim, our team has the knowledge and skill to help. Contact us today for a free case consultation.