WTVM Legal Break – Med Pay

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Gary Bruce discusses Medical Payment (otherwise known as  Med Pay) coverage which is sold with automobile insurance. This is a coverage which is optional in Georgia and Alabama as an added coverage but is often included with the purchase of coverage and unknown to the purchaser. Med Pay replaced Personal Injury Protection (PIP) years ago and claims to provide insurance for medical bills arising from a car wreck – regardless of fault. Med Pay is often used to pay for medical bills after a car wreck and can be coordinated with your health insurance as additional coverage. If you have good health insurance coverage, you probably do not need Med Pay but it’s a cheap option for those without quality medical coverage.

Gary is happy to discuss the use of Med Pay, how it can be used to deal with reimbursement and deductibles, and who will accept it as primary payment. Contact our office if you have had a wreck and have questions about your medical payments or options.We are happy to provide a free consolation to discuss your situation and options with no obligation!

For additional information on med pay, you can also watch Gary’s updated segment.