After a car accident, you probably know to call the police to file a report. In fact, you are legally required to file a police report after a crash in both Georgia and Alabama if anyone was injured. However, you may be surprised to find that both you and the other driver may end up leaving the scene without either of you getting a ticket!

But aren’t tickets how they determine who was at fault for the crash? Not necessarily! While paying a ticket does mean admitting fault, simply getting a ticket from the responding police officer doesn’t automatically mean you (or the other driver) are at fault.

Additionally, the reasons why no one might get a ticket after an accident differ between Alabama and Georgia. Watch our legal break video, or read on, for more information on how this happens and what it means.

Why Was No Ticket Written After My Car Accident?

Even if the other driver was clearly at fault (for example, if the back of your car and the front of the other driver’s car sustained damage while waiting at a stop sign), no one will probably get a ticket if the accident happened in Alabama. In that state, it is very rare for police to write a ticket unless they directly witnessed the accident themselves.

The same isn’t true in Georgia, however. In that state, someone can still receive a ticket based on what the police officer can piece together of what happened based on what they observe at the crash scene and what each driver and any witnesses tell them.

Additionally, if the accident occurred on private property, it’s possible no ticket will be issued.

Can I Still File an Injury Claim If No Ticket Was Issued After My Crash?

Absolutely! While tickets can be useful to help prove who may have been at fault, they aren’t cut-and-dried evidence, and definitely aren’t necessary to file a claim.

This is also why you can file an injury claim after a car crash in Georgia even if the responding police officer wrote you a ticket. After all, a ticket is simply the police officer’s opinion of what happened, not proof. A ticket can be challenged the same way that an insurance adjuster assigning blame can be challenged. As long as a Georgia court determines you are only 49% or less at fault, you can still get compensation.

Can I Get a Ticket Days After the Accident Happened?

Yes, although this will usually only happen if neither person calls the police at the scene, but one of the people involved calls to file a report later. This could happen if one of the people involved assumed they weren’t injured, but discovered they were after the fact. This is why it’s so important to always get checked out by a medical professional after a crash, even if you think you aren’t injured!

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