Drunk driving crashes are unfortunately far more common than they should be. When innocent people are struck and injured by drunk drivers, they are eligible for compensation for their injuries, and can potentially even get punitive damages.

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Drunk driving is not the only way to be negligent, so it is not always necessary to prove the other driver was intoxicated to win a personal injury claim against them. However, drunk driving is always negligent, so proving they were intoxicated at the time of the crash can make getting compensation much easier and quicker.

How to Recognize Drunk Drivers on the Road

If you see someone who is driving erratically, especially in the evening, they may be intoxicated. Examples include issues with speed (driving either far too fast or far too slow for traffic conditions), issues with braking (braking suddenly or at the wrong place), and issues with staying in their lane. This could mean weaving in their lane, driving on or over lane markers, sideswiping parked cars, or even driving down the wrong side of the road.

If you spot what you suspect is a drunk driver, let them pass you, then call the police to provide a description of the vehicle and what direction it was headed.

How to Recognize Drunk Drivers After a Wreck

After a collision, watch for these signs of intoxication from the other driver when they exit their vehicle:

  • Lack of coordination (examples could be difficulty getting in and out of their vehicle, stumbling when walking, and trouble removing their license and proof of insurance from their wallet)
  • Smell of alcohol on their breath, and glassy or bloodshot eyes
  • Slurred speech
  • Drifting concentration or attention when spoken to

What You Should Do

You are legally required to call the police after any car crash involving injuries or property damage. The responding officer will help determine who was at-fault and, thus, responsible for paying the damages from the wreck.

If you suspect the other driver was drunk, either because of how they were driving before the crash or how they behaved after the crash, tell the police officer, and they can put it in their report.

They can also perform a sobriety check at the scene, or even order a drug test if they agree with your suspicion. This can serve as evidence of the other driver’s negligence when you make your injury claim, especially if the officer writes them a ticket or charges them with a DUI.

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If there are witnesses to the crash, collect their contact information so they can testify that they also witnessed signs the other driver was drunk.

What a Georgia Drunk Driving Injury Lawyer Can Do for You

An auto accident lawyer experienced with handling drunk driving cases will be able to collect evidence that helps prove that the other driver’s negligence caused your injuries. Some of the ways they may do this include:

  • Discovering where the driver was before the crash (such as at a bar) and how much they may have had to drink based on their credit card statements.
  • Collecting witness testimony, not just from the scene of the crash, but also from anyone at the bar who could testify that the at-fault person was drunk when they left the bar.
  • Collecting footage from security cameras on nearby buildings and the police that may have captured the at-fault person’s erratic driving and behavior.
  • Obtaining medical records from the emergency room, if the other driver was taken for treatment, that can show their level of intoxication.

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